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Arabic BayniaYaadayk

Learn Arabic Online

This is a 16 chapter/module training course which is to be sold to English speaking Arabic learners. The project is based on the famous book Arabic BayniaYaadayk with the first phase simply bringing together assets from the book and audio from the instructor. Each module consists of 10 lessons introducing language structure and vocab for the unit which includes basic language practice exercises from the book. The second phase will integrate formative and summative assessments in the form of simple quizzes and also scenario based tests. Support for HTML5 and mobile is included using Articulate Storyline. The first phase is near completion awaiting supply of audio form the client.

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  • ~ Watt Gilchrist

    Watt Gilchrist"All tasks were approached with a high degree of professionalism. By gaining a good understanding of the business Mohammed approached the project in an open manner interacting and communicating well. A successful project with a superb handover.(P. Hinchliffe, Watt Gilchrist, Leeds,"

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