Is your Organisation ready ?

Baby on elearningAlong with all the practical aspects of creating an enterprise eLearning strategy I’ve come to realise getting an organisation to move forward and adapt is a difficult endeavour especially when the bulk of personnel in Learning and Development are stuck on the old ways.

Change is scary to the most flexible of us but the new generation of digital natives aren’t engaged unless technology is an integral part of the experience. I’ve conducted some research in my own sphere of work and it seems not only are learners more engaged and motivated but they also achieve much better results !! The jury is still out and there is research to support both sides but from my own experience there seems to be a very good case for introducing a blended learning approach.

Working out an organisations’ capabilities, which course to convert, which LMS to use, the costs, the benefits, the vendors, the marketing plan are all essential steps but rely on the premise that the level of organisation readiness for eLearning is satisfactory. If the appropriate infrastructure and more importantly appropriate buy-in from senior stakeholders isn’t there then its highly unlikely the initiative will even take off.

With so many trainers out there still using traditional cut and stick methods its difficult to imagine an easy transition. Jobs are on the line and with a generation of digital immigrants simply accustomed to a job for life there will be a great deal of resistance that threatens their hard earned expertise. It would be better of course if these old skoolers would simply accept the inevitable and decide to use their considerable experience and skills in helping an organisation become more effective at creating performance based learning experiences that are measurable against actual results.

For those willing there is an exciting journey ahead for others they’ll simply have to enjoy the ride !!!!

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    "Learning Champion Award for 2017 ! Using cutting-edge scenario based instructional design coupled with superb development and graphical design skills Mohammed created a world-class module developed completely in-house. Click here to find out how it was"

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