Using Twitter for PM

Project communication and coordination is vital to project success. Project sponsors and stakeholders have too much communication to wade through. I’m sure they don’t want another eMail from you especially one lacking in concrete actions and looking for suggestions or ideas!  Lack of value added communication creates little confidence that you have everything in control and really wastes the time of those you need to keep up-to-date.


Here are a list of some of the areas requiring specific attention:

  • Keep stakeholders informed;
  • Manage project scope;
  • Identify risk;
  • Coordinate teams;
  • Ensure milestone schedules;
  • Manage work stream progress; and
  • Coordinate resource needs

Good luck to you if you think setting up meetings is the way forward….!!!!

Expectations need to be managed and results communicated appropriately, you don’t want stakeholders saying , “You should have added this” or “this is really not what I expect” …. now what can a project manager do?

Use Twitter and micro blogging to manage communication and collaboration is one possible way forward – Twitter and microblogging is easily summed up: you have 140 characters to get your point across. Twitter being succinct is a requirement and it is sure easier to read through a Tweet timeline than deciphering emails.

Communicate in 140 Characters

With Twitter you now have an opportunity to communicate more efficiently, more effectively:

  • Concise messages
  • Topics filtered by keyword (more on this below)
  • Link to documents or websites
  • Track communications by user and using a time stamp

There are a couple of services to set up a private group for sensitive information and to provide Twitter access that you, as the project manager, can administrate. Here are 3 steps to start managing projects with Twitter :

  • Create a Twitter account for your private group and have your team create Twitter accounts or assign Twitter accounts with privacy features for your project team;
  • To add private message and group management functionality choose either of these current Twitter add ons:
  • Tweetworks,
  • GroupTweet,
  • TwitChat — YouTube TwitChat overview,
  • TweetChat, or


Have I done it?
Well.. emmm… the short answer is no… as yet I feel the digital immigrants (yes I’m talking about the 35+ generation) is still a varied bunch and with many of the senior stakeholders of most projects possible in their 50s and 60s its very unlikely they’ll be tweeting and checking twitter over the course of a normal day. Using twitter for project management is probably a little before its time.

What have i done

I’ve set up a WhatsApp group which is possibly even more powerful than Twitter since you can access your messages on the go and its much more of a push technology without the overhead of logging on to an account – WhatsApp is constantly checking for new messages – giving you the ability to chat synchronously or asynchronously – the beauty of it is you can also share links and videos – just be careful the conversation does not digress.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Ford

    Ford"Mohammed's attention to detail and ability to prioritize made life easier and safer on the project. By following structured practices we not only delivered on time but also met company strategic objectives. Time to market was reduced and lead generation rose by over 10%.(M. Kazmi, Ford Motor Company,"

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