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Reprographics Management Tool

Reprographics Management Tool

This was a large project to design and implement a workflow / project management tool. The aim of the application was to manage the assets, resources, costing and schedules for projects dealing with the reprographics industry.  Initially it was only suppose to be an internal tool but as usual it grew in scope and suppliers, printers and clients were all given access.

The application used MS Project Server behind the scenes using standard templates to define the processes for any given project with the ability to further refine project dates, times and workflow. The automation side was particularly complex using a myriad of technologies which all had to be integrated but by using MS Project Server access to all the project data was available in an SQL database.

The biggest problem was slow running queries simply due to the size and complexity of the application. Using various tracing and diagnostic methods the servers and software was optimised with a complete redesign of some of the longer running queries

Integration points were many and varied Рduring the workflow approvals were sought using an online asset proofing system ( bit like Adobe but a lot more powerful )  and integration with graphics packages to provide conversion options. The project ended up getting rid of lots of paper and saved immensely on time and postage.

Having a complete view of all the projects is great but knowing exactly which metrics are important and helping management understand the figures is trickier. The whole aim of the application was to control the projects and provide a single online view of project / subprojects with all associated assets. In the end we made it and rolled out to the likes of Asda, Tetra Pak and were looking to bring in Walmart – a truely international solution.

Controlling and monitoring projects in whichever industry – be it IT, contruction or reprographics – the result is the same – better decision making, better alignment with strategy and greater transparency.

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    Ford"Mohammed's attention to detail and ability to prioritize made life easier and safer on the project. By following structured practices we not only delivered on time but also met company strategic objectives. Time to market was reduced and lead generation rose by over 10%.(M. Kazmi, Ford Motor Company,"

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