Tell, show and do – kinda of matches the typical PPP process of present, practice and produce and is just as applicable to online learning objects as it is to the classroom face to face situation. High quality learning can be achieved using learning objects and student interaction and response can be positive especially when coupled with high levels of motivation. The tell, show and do model of LO development is detailed in a particularly insightful paper written by Salas, K. & Ellis, L. (2006). Development of clear learning objectives is cited as particularly important and just as in any project if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve how do you expect to achieve it.

How to do it?

Process of Development

Its interesting to note that the process mentioned by Salas and Ellis is straightforward and doesn’t use any fancy technology ( MS Powerpoint ) to produce the LOs. As daunting as it seems the tools are available to develop simple learning objects and its only when you get into the fancy multimedia stuff do you need to start looking and Flash action script, although now you’ll have problems with accessibility etc.. Swings and roundabouts as they say.

I’ve used the ADDIE approach with significant changes. I have a lot of experience in project management and the ADDIE model’s sequential waterfall approach doesn’t really fit with the iterative development and rapid prototyping that a typical development project requires.

The advantages of ADDIE is that it is context specific and provides structured guidance for design with a focus on implementation and evaluation whilst providing a valuable checklist to complement our own design habits.

Keep an open mind and use areas of other models, such as HPT-modelling, to complement ADDIE or else inspiration and creativity will suffer !

Salas, K. & Ellis, L. (2006). The development and implementation of learning objects in a higher education setting. Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects, 2, 1-22. Retrieved from

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